What if This Life is Just a Dream?

What if there are no limits to your seeking, and everything you imagine can be created. We believe in a world where traditional boundaries of time and space are blurred. We believe we can manifest our own reality. Calling all dreamers, visionaries, creators, and seekers.  We designed our Alchemical Ritual Wear pieces to make everyday feel like a dream.

Slow Luxury

Our Alchemical Ritual Wear Kimonos have been lovingly designed to consider the perfect level of comfort and style before being cut and sewn by our local seamstress. Each Medicine Hat is made-to-order under ceremonial protocol in our Hampui Hat collaboration for you to wear as an alter on your head. 


We believe in embracing the gradient between masculine and feminine energies. Both yin/yang energies exist in all of us and we encourage embracing the divine manifest in all spectrum of gender and identity.