Since the beginning of time...

Our ancestors have adorned themselves to connect to culture, community, and Spirit. We have curated our Sacred Adornment pieces from around the world so that you can adorn yourself and your alter with Medicine to call in the Sacred and Let Light Manifest.


Our first collection is inspired by the Wixaratari people, known to outsiders as the Huicholes of Mexico, or The Last Peyote Guardians. Their very livelihood is being threatened by the mining industry trying to destroy their sacred land. Water & Bird has partnered with members of a community in the Sierra Madre Mountains to share their craftsmanship to bring awareness to their way of life, where connection to Spirit is an everyday occurrence. We offer gratitude to them for sharing their Medicine for the alter of your body, mind, and spirit.


A portion of all proceeds are donated to The Sacred Fire Foundation working to ensure the continuance of ancestral wisdom; and to expand awareness about why the indigenous worldview is crucial for all of us now, as well as for the future generations.